Over the years, we have collected many useful tips & tricks from our own experiences and discussions with consumers and are providing them to you here. If you should nevertheless have questions or suggestions that you cannot find any information on here, please feel fee to contact us at any time via chat, e-mail or telephone – we will be pleased to help you further.

Can the OptiPet SHAMPOO Antiparasite also be used on cats?

Theoretically, the SHAMPOO Antiparasite can also be used on cats. However, as cats do not like being soaped up and rinsed off, we recommend the use of a SPRAY Antiparasite, PET Pest Collars or SPOT ONs.

Can the OptiPet SPRAY Insecticide also be used during pregnancy?

No tests have been conducted on its use in pregnancy. We recommend not using the spray.

Can a pregnant cat wear the OptiPet PET Pest Collar or are side effects to be expected?

We recommend that the cat does not wear the collar during pregnancy or when heavily pregnant.

From what age can the OptiPet SPOT ON and the OptiPet PET Pest Collar be used on an animal?

The OptiPet SPOT ON can be used on cats and on dogs from an age of 12 weeks. PET Pest Collars can only be used from an age of 6 months.

Will the immobilized parasites fall off the coat immediately?

The parasites that come into contact with Dimethicone, will often fall from the coat immediatel. However, it can also occur that they remain in the coat for a while longer. Since the parasites have been immobilized by the Dimethicone, they will no longer be able to bite/sting. By brushing the coat, the parasites can easily be removed from the animal.

Will a treated animal still be stung by parasites?

Since Dimethicone places a soothing, protective layer on the coat, the parasites will already be immobilized when they reach the skin.

What happens if the animal licks the SPOT ON products?

The SPOT ONs are not harmful to the animal. There are also several medicines for internal use with the same active ingredient.

Are the SPOT ONs water-resistant?

Dimethicone will be washed from the coat upon washing your pet or after it has gone swimming. Therefore, treatment should be repeated after either one of these activities.

Will the coat become sticky by using the SPOT ON products?

No, the coat will not become sticky. The sticky effect only takes place on micro level and only affects the parasites.

Can OptiPet SPOT ON also be used on nursing pets?

It is advised against using the SPOT ON during this time.